Purdue Village: Single Graduate Housing

Purdue Village – Singe Graduate housing offers apartment living to Purdue singe graduate students with all the amenities of campus life. Apartments come furnished with a full kitchen, twin bed, desk, dresser, table and chairs. AC units are located in the living room for single bedroom apartments and in the living room and Bedroom “A: in the two bedroom apartments. There are three options for singe graduate students:

  1. One bedroom for one occupant with AC
  2. Two bedroom for two occupants with AC
  3. Two bedroom for one occupant with AC

Utility costs are included in the monthly rent for all options above. Laundry facilities are located in the basement of each building for one-bedroom apartments. Two-bedroom apartments have a washer and dryer provided within the apartment.

Conveniently located on the southwest side of campus, close to Purdue West and a short walk to classes, this community includes ample green space, mature trees and recreational areas. Visit our website, call or email pvill@purdue.edu if you would like more information.