University Residences Room Rates

  • Room rates will vary based on location, size and amenities. Room sizes vary by location. For more details about a specific room, please visit the Residence Hall's webpage.
  • Upcoming academic year rates are subject to change. Final rates will be approved by the Purdue Board of Trustees in January.

Undergraduate Information

  • New students will be randomly prioritized in the housing assignment process and room assignments will be made considering room type preferences.
  • Singles and rooms with bath are most often reserved by returning students. 
  • All locations in the undergraduate residences are co-ed with the exception of the following:
    • All Male: Cary Quadrangle, McCutcheon Hall, Tarkington Hall and Wiley Hall
    • All Female: Meredith Hall, Meredith South Hall and Windsor Halls
  • To view meal plan rates, visit Purdue Dining & Culinary.
  • The typical Meredith room is Standard Single.