Spring 2021 Undergraduate Move-out Information

Dear University Residences Students,

These instructions are to help make your move-out and the transition procedures as easy as possible and communicate details for all undergraduate residents in one spot. (Please note: Purdue Village family and graduate students will have separate instructions.)

The spring housing contract ends on Saturday, May 8. Residents are expected to move out by noon on Sunday, May 9, unless the student has been approved for a late stay. Please be aware that Protect Purdue protocols remain in place during move out.

Please plan to attend the floor meeting your RA will hold beginning April 11 to review the instructions outlined below, get your questions answered and receive any other instructions specific to your hall. 


  1. Please log into the StarRez Portal here.
  2. Select ‘Forms’ in the top navigation.
  3. Select ‘Move Out Date Request’ from the ‘Process you would like to continue with’ dropdown menu to indicate your intended move out date by April 22, 2021.

Moving Out

Who can help me move-OUT?

Move out assistance is limited to two guests for two hours and everyone must wear a mask. Roommates should plan to move out at different times to minimize the number of people in a room at the same time. Additional guidance from federal, state and Purdue health authorities may require additional action.

Protect Purdue Considerations
  • Protect Purdue procedures still apply.
  • Third party help is limited to two persons for two hours.
  • Residents should coordinate timing with their roommate in order to not exceed visitor limits.
Express check out procedures will be used for all Spring checks out
  • Pick up the "express check out envelope" at your hall's main office.
  • Do not sign up with your RA for a time slot.
  • Drop completed the "express check out envelope" and key at your hall's drop-off location after removing your belongings and cleaning your room.
  • The room must be in the same condition it was when resident moved in.
  • Residents will be billed for any damages that have occurred.
Moving Company/Storage
  • If you are using a moving company to move and/or store your belongings you must be here to escort them when they come to pick up your items. If you have already left campus and/or are unavailable to escort them, you must designate another resident of this community (Hall/apartment) to be an escort for you in your absence.  You need to inform the hall front office/community center know who that person (your escort) is ahead of time in writing (send an email to the hall/community center email inbox or given to the front office in writing ahead of time). It must include:
    • Student (your) name, room number and cell phone number
    • Escort name, room number and cell phone number
    • Date/Time of scheduled pick up
    • Name of company picking up
  • We encourage you to schedule your moving company before May 9th to avoid late stay charges. Please note, you will be charged $32 per night for each night that your items are left behind after May 9th.  In addition, if you do not designate an escort, you will be charged a $50 improper checkout fee.

Aspire special instructions.
  • Late stay will be limited to graduating seniors.
Meal Plans
  • Spring semester meal plans end on Saturday, May 8.
  • Unused Dining Dollars will also expire at that time.
  • Graduating seniors will receive a complimentary lunch only during Monday-Friday of Senior Week (May 10-14).
Hall Office Hours
  • May 10-12: Midnight to 4:30 PM
  • May 13-17: 24/7
Mail delivery/forwarding
  • Be sure to change your forwarding address in My Purdue.
  • First Class mail will be forwarded. Most hall mail rooms will be closed for the summer. Packages will be returned.
  • Please do not order items that cannot be delivered before May 8.
Commencement late stay
  • Commencement is scheduled for May 15.
  • Graduating residents may stay at no additional charge through noon on May 16.
  • Graduating seniors will receive complimentary lunch only during Monday-Friday of Senior Week (May 10-14).
  • There will be no commencement guest housing due to Protect Purdue protocols.
Other late stay
  • For travel delays, please check with your building's main office and they will instruct you on the process to add up to three additional nights at the rate of $32/night.
  • Intercollegiate athletes or Crew club still in competition may stay in their own room until May 16, then move to their summer school hall, if needed. Summer housing charges begin May 17. Coaches requiring late housing for their student-athletes should contact Kenny Seldomridge by April 30.
  • Graduating seniors will receive complimentary lunch only Monday-Friday of Senior Week (May 10-14).
  • Transition to summer housing: Students contracted for summer housing beginning May 17 will move to Earhart Hall by May 16. The $32/night late stay charge applies through May 16.
Cleaning / Damages
  • You will be expected to leave the room in the condition you received it. NO CHARGE will be assessed for the following:
    • All personal belongings have been removed by student.
    • Room has been swept and all serious dust/dirt has been removed.
    • Furniture, floor and walls would all be in good condition after a normal summer clean.
    • Scratches under the desk chair from normal use.
    • A few black scuffs on the floor from shoes.
    • Room Condition Report indicates marks, scuffs, chips, scratches, missing parts and pieces that were identified during move in.
    • Electrical outlet loose from furniture bumping against it.
    • Note: Do NOT remove command strip from walls.
  • Items for which charges WILL be assessed:
    • Staff are required to remove (bag and tag) personal belongings – more than a “missed drawer."
    • Trash needs to be collected and bagged that could not be accomplished during a normal sweep of the room.
    • Food and debris is stuck to the furniture, walls and/or floors and would require additional cleaning effort.
    • Floor or ceiling tiles are badly gouged, chipped or missing.
    • Walls and doors where screws or nails need to be removed and holes need to be patched/painted. If these items are marked or drawn on, if there are considerable amounts of tape/sticky hooks to remove or if these are scratched badly enough to require paint and/or repair.
    • Window glass/screens/curtains are missing, bent, torn, dirty or broken.
    • Bathroom fixtures are broken or missing.
    • Furniture is broken, deeply gouged/scratched or written/drawn on.
    • Vents and heating elements broken.
  • Please note the following are the most common fees assessed after move out:
    • Late stay: $32 per night for room only if not moved out by May 9. Exceptions for graduating seniors and student-athletes still in competition.
    • Improper check out: $50 for not following check out procedures.
    • Lost key (not turned in at check out): $50 per lost key to replace the lock.
    • Damages: actual cost of damage as determined by facilities team inspection.