Honors College and Residences Information

Residential Life

The Honors College and Residences is a first-of-its-kind opportunity at Purdue that will intentionally integrate academics into the residential experience more than any University Residences facility ever has. It takes what is great about a Learning Community and applies it to an entire residential college – a place to live and learn alongside an entire community of students committed to the highest academic achievement.

With Honors College offices on the first floor, residents will have more direct access to faculty and staff than any other students on campus. Bringing Purdue’s best and brightest students under one roof alongside educators and staff supports the university’s ultimate goal of student success. The opportunities for engagement and mentorship will help foster an academic atmosphere previously unavailable in a residential setting.

In order to connect students in the North and South buildings, each resident belongs to a House, which is assigned based on their floor:

  • 2nd Floors: Copper House
  • 3rd Floors: Palladium House
  • 4th Floors: Platinum House
  • 5th Floors: Silver House
  • 6th Floors: Titanium House

Each House will have a Faculty Honors Preceptor (FHP), who is a faculty member for the Honors College. FHPs and RHPs will work together to provide events for residents to attend.

Residence Amenities

  • Air-conditioned rooms
  • STEAM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Arts & Agriculture, Math) Class Lab
  • Computer Collaboration Lab
  • Honors Hall (Seats 400 people)
  • Study Rooms, Reading Room, Recreational Lounges and Community Living Rooms
  • One Laundry Room for each building
  • One kitchenette for each building
  • Music Room
  • Art Room
  • Outdoor Fire Pit and Patio
  • Spaces available for reservation: Honors Hall, STEAM Lab, multiple classroom spaces

Shared Spaces