Hall Clubs

Each residence hall and apartment community within University Residences is home to a specific residence hall club. These clubs provide leadership opportunities, collaborate with other buildings on campus, put on programming and add to the overall sense of community within the hall. Whether you are looking to just attend programs and meetings or want to get involved with leadership opportunities, check out more info about your specific hall's club below by visiting the respective residence hall page.

List of Clubs by Hall

Hall Clubs by Residence Hall
Aspire Apartments Squirrel Club
Cary Quad  Cary Club 
Earhart Hall Itasca Club 
First Street Towers  Titan Club
Frieda Parker Hall Parker Parliament
Winifred Parker Hall
Harrison Hall Cavalier Club 
Hawkins Hall Hawkins Council
Hillenbrand Hall Phoenix Club 
Hilltop Apartments  Hilltop Council 
Honors College & Residences  The Society
McCutcheon Hall  McCutcheon Royal Highlanders Club 
Meredith Hall  RX Club 
Meredith South Hall  Meredith South Hall Club
Owen Hall Hussar Club 
Shreve Hall  Shreve Club
Tarkington Hall Halberdier Club
University Residences Boiler Apartments Cardinal Club
Wiley Hall Excalibur Club
Windsor Halls Windsor Hall Club