Photo of laundry room in Purdue residence hall


Utilities - All utilities included in rates.

BoilerTV - What is it?

  • Television - Boiler TV is available on mobile devices via the Stream2 app and via traditional coaxial cable on TVs newer than 3 years old that have a compatible QAM tuner.  Stream2 offers DVR functionality.
  • On-Demand Movies - Boiler TV offers on demand movies on its website here. Browsers supported are Chrome and Firefox.
  • Original Purdue Programs - Learn about campus life, people and events on the Campus Life Channel, the Executive in Residence Channel and the BoilerTV Channel.

Computing - Students stay connected with ResNet, an on-campus network.

Laundry - There is a laundry room in every residence hall. All washers and dryers in traditional University Residences are front-load high-efficiency machines that maximize load size and conserve water and energy use.

With the exception of Hilltop Apartments and 414 N. Russell Street, the washers and dryers in University Residences only accept BoilerExpress which is a declining balance account that can be added to your Purdue ID Card. Once a students signs up for a BoilerExpress account, you can add funds via check or cash at the Purdue ID Card Office or at Smalley Center. Cardholders, parents or guests can deposit funds directly to BoilerExpress using Visa, MasterCard, Discover or debit cards through eAccounts, fees apply. Coins will no longer be accepted, except where noted below.

The charges to wash and dry your clothes are as follows:

Laundry charges for traditional halls, First Street Towers, Hilltop and 414 Russell apartments
Location Wash Fee Dry Fee Add-On Dry Time Payment
Traditional Halls $2.50 $2.00 $.25 BoilerExpress
First Street Towers, Aspire, 125 Waldron None None None Fee Included In Room Rate
Hilltop, 414 Russell, 621 & 625 Waldron, 333 S. Grant $2.50 $2.00 $.25 Coin-Operated

To learn more about BoilerExpress click here.

U.S. Postal Service - Delivery and pick up at each hall.

CityBus Access - Free for all Purdue students. Information and links to routes and loops here.

Study Lounge - Group or individual area for studying.


University Residences partners with reputable vendors to provide bed loft rental, MicroFridge rental and futon purchase options to accessorize your room. Approved lofts are an easy and affordable way to increase living space within your room by raising the bed high enough for a couch, desk or TV to fit under the bed. All lofts have a bed rail pre-installed for safety. The MicroFridge rental is a one-of-a-kind unit that includes a refrigerator, freezer and microwave. Students who place orders by the deadline will receive free in-room delivery and assembly before move-in day. Note: A small percentage of our rooms are uniquely sized and may not be approved for a loft rental.