Getting Around


Bikes may be parked on bike racks and bike hoops, only.

Bike parking is NOT permitted elsewhere including: sidewalks, ADA accessible sidewalk railings, attached to trees, fences, furniture, light poles, buildings, trash containers, landscape posts or anything other than a bike rack or hoop.

Bicycles that are incorrectly parked are subject to removal. Locks will be cut at owner's expense.


Bicycle registration is recommended for faculty, staff, and students who ride on the Purdue Campus. Of the more than 100 bicycles reported stolen at Purdue each year, most are not registered. You can do yourself a favor by registering your bicycle and by keeping it locked to a bike rack at all times. Please visit this page to register your bicycle.

Still have questions? Visit the Purdue bike website here.

Vehicle Parking

Please visit the Parking Facilities Website for all of your parking questions. Questions about eligibility should be directed to the Parking Facilities office at parking@purdue.edu. All parking permits are subject to availability.


Wanting to ride the bus to get around? Check out campus loops on the CityBus website here.