Resident Assistants

To qualify to be an RA for the 2022-2023 academic year, you must meet the following by the end of the Spring 2022 semester:

  • 36 undergraduate credit hours (those in master's and Ph.D. programs meet this requirement)
  • Minimum of one year living in a residence hall at the college/university level
  • Cumulative 2.5 GPA or higher
  • Must be able to serve for one full academic year
  • Must complete an online application by the deadline in November 2021 (more information coming soon)
NOTE: If you are not currently on campus and would like to be an RA, please email raselect@purdue.edu for information about applying.

How To Apply To Be An RA:

To access the RA application, you MUST attend a mandatory information session. The link for those listed as "online" will be posted approximately 24 hours before the session start time on this webpage. Applications will be open on October 1, 2021, and must be submitted by midnight on November 7, 2021.

You will receive a link to the application after October 1st or within 48 hours of the info session you attended.

2021 Information Sessions:

Date: Location: Time:
September 23 Hillenbrand C130 6:30 PM
September 29 Winifred Parker Hall (formerly Griffin South) Conference Room 159 8:00 PM
October 5 Tarkington West Activity Room 6:00 PM
October 6 Earhart Conference Room 6:00 PM
October 7 Winifred Parker Hall (formerly Griffin South) Conference Room 159 7:00 PM
October 12


(Link above only available between 6pm-7pm)

6:00 PM
October 18 Black Cultural Center Multipurpose Room (MP) 1 7:00 PM
October 19 Class of 50 Room 224 (CL50 224) 4:30 PM
October 21 Earhart Conference Room 8:00 PM
October 25


(Link above only available between 5:30pm-6:30pm)

5:30 PM
October 27 Hawkins Large Conference Room 8:00 PM
October 28 Tarkington West Activity Room 7:00 PM
November 3


(Link above only available between 12pm-1pm)

12:00 PM
November 4 Hillenbrand C102 6:00 PM
November 5


(Link above only available between 12pm-1pm)

12:00 PM

Want to Learn More From Current RAs and RHPs? 

October 14 Online Q&A Session 6:00 - 7:00 PM
November 1 Online Q&A Session 7:00 - 8:00 PM


You will be notified in January 2022 if you are selected to move forward to the interview phase. If you are selected, you MUST be available to participate in the in-person interviews during the weekend of February 11-13, 2022. All candidates will be notified of their hire decision by mid-March 2022.

Still Need More Info? 

Additional questions about what it takes to be an RA? Talk with any current RA or Residential Education Coordinator to learn about the different aspects and benefits of the position or email raselect@purdue.edu.