Photo of laundry machines

Laundry Options in University Residences

Residence Hall Laundry Facilities

There is a laundry room in every residence hall. All washers and dryers in traditional University Residences are front-load high-efficiency machines that maximize load size and conserve water and energy use.

With the exception of Hilltop Apartments, 414 N. Russell Street, 333 S. Grant Street, 621 and 625 Waldron Street, the washers and dryers in University Residences only accept BoilerExpress which is a declining balance account that can be added to your Purdue Mobile ID. Students may add funds to their BoilerExpress account via eAccounts. Coins will no longer be accepted, except where noted below.

Please note: Beginning August 5, BoilerExpress will no longer be used to pay for laundry in the traditional residence halls. Rather, the washers and dryers will only accept payment from the CSCPay Mobile laundry app. For more information regarding the CSCPay Mobile laundry app, visit their website here.

Students are encouraged to hold off on pre-loading their BoilerExpress accounts for laundry during the summer. Laundry will be no cost from May 6 to August 5 for residents living in University Residences over the summer session.

The charges to wash and dry your clothes are as follows:

Location Wash Fee Dry Fee Add-On Dry Time Payment
Traditional Halls $2.50 $2.00 $0.25 CSCPay beginning August 5
First Street Towers, Aspire, 125 Waldron None None None Fee Included in Room Rate
Hilltop, 414 N. Russell, 333 S. Grant, 621 & 625 Waldron $2.50 $2.00 $0.25 Coin-Operated

The Laundry Chute

A laundry service is available at the Wash, Dry, Fold units located in most residence halls. The Laundry Chute utilizes patented "automated smart lockers" to enable full-service laundry processing with autonomous customer and partner drop-off and pick-up. Laundry will be washed, dried, and folded with care, 24/7. Students and parents can pay by load, per semester, or for the whole academic year. To start, go to The Laundry Chutes website and download the app.

This service is not available in Cary Quad East, First St. Towers, Hilltop, Aspire, or the Boiler Apartments.

The location of each Laundry Chute is listed below:

Residence Hall Location
Cary Suites West Against the brown wall on the east side of the lounge
Owen In the student laundry room, C153
Tarkington Hallway wall by the student laundry room, C153

Hallway wall by the student laundry room, C153

Freida Parker Hall Ground floor on the east wall by laundry room 1064
Winifred Parker Hall In the student laundry room 176 on the ground floor
Honors College & Residences In the student laundry room, south basement B091
Windsor In the student laundry room in the basement of Dhume Hall, B58, near the vending area
Harrison In the student laundry room
McCutcheon On the green wall of the student laundry room, C158
Shreve In the student laundry room in the basement
Earhart Near the vending machines, 2-C
Hillenbrand On the green wall of the student laundry room, C22
Hawkins On the yellow wall of the Hub Cap Lounge in the basement, B94
Meredith In the north west student laundry room, G011N
Meredith South Next to the conference room in room 1100