Owen Hall History

Owen Residence Hall opened in 1957 and was named for Richard Owen, the first president of Purdue University. The youngest of eight children, Richard was born in 1810 in Scotland. He received his early education from a private tutor, then at Emmanuel Fellenburg at Hofwyl in Switzerland, before returning to Scotland to continue his education at Andersmun Institution of Glasgow.

Immigrating to America, he distinguished himself as a scholar and a soldier. He made significant contributions in the academic disciplines of geology, meteorology, and seismology. He served in the US Army in both the Mexican War and the Civil War. In 1864, he joined the faculty at Indiana University, where he and President Nutt comprised a committee to establish the Agricultural and Normal school in accordance with the Morrill Act of 1862. He developed extensive plans for such a school, which became the first concept for Purdue University. In August 1872 he was appointed the first president of Purdue University, serving until 1876.

The District of Tradition Neighborhood

The District of Tradition is the name of the neighborhood for the grouping of residence halls dedicating to building and maintaining strong, healthy, lasting traditions. With a goal to develop a strong brand and pride in the halls, the District of Tradition sees some of the most dedicated and connected RAs on campus, boasting some of the highest rates of return for residents to the building at Purdue. Many seniors graduate from the buildings in the District of Tradition and the professional staff are dedicated to empowering students to be some of the best, brightest and self-driven leaders in the world. With a high energy, strong sense of dedication and incredible feelings of pride, the District of Tradition is happy to welcome you to the neighborhood!