Faculty Fellows and Students Pictured in Front of the FountainAbout The Program

The Faculty Fellow Program is administered by University Residences (UR) at Purdue. UR is charged with all centralized elements related to the program including maintaining and promoting its mission, coordinating all centralized events, recruitment, marketing, and continuous evaluation and development. Although the program holds its true impact at the individual, hall and floor levels, University Residences also serves as a coordinating unit to ensure that the program is always doing its best to promote the developmental goals of the student and Purdue University. Please feel free to email us with any comments, questions, concerns, or suggestions you may have.

Program FAQs

What are the requirements to be a Faculty Fellow?

Administrative, salary-exempt faculty and staff are eligible to participate in the Faculty Fellows Program.

When does my appointment officially begin?

Appointments begin on a rolling basis, with a typical appointment from August to May of each academic year.

Why do Faculty Fellows have a meal plan?

Fellows are given a limited number of meals for use each week in order to dine with students, connecting with them outside of the classroom.

May I bring my family to eat with me in the dining halls?


How may I contact the Resident Assistant (RA) on my floor? Who should initiate the contact?

Either person can initiate contact, but we provide staff contact information and Resident Assistants are asked to contact the Faculty Fellow.

Will I have identification as a Faculty Fellow so I may enter a hall?

We do not provide ID, but a list is on file in each hall. You will be provided a name tag to wear in the hall.

What is the date of move-in for my hall?

Typically, one week prior to the opening for the academic year.

Do I have a budget for programming?

We do not provide a separate Faculty Fellow Program budget; however, funds are available by working with the Resident Assistant (RA) and Residence Education Coordinator (REC) staff and through the Hall Club.

Who do I contact if my RA and I are unable to communicate on a satisfactory basis?

You should contact the Residence Education Coordinator (REC).

May I drive students in my car?

While this is a personal choice, each Faculty Fellow should weigh the potential personal liability of driving a student in his/her personal vehicle. It is recommended that you arrange transportation through Purdue University.

What do I do if students do not participate in my program?

Programming is always a challenge. Your Resident Assistant (RA) and Residence Education Coordinator (REC) will be able to provide you with information on successful programming ideas, as well as steps to take to improve or increase the attendance.

Are Faculty Fellows responsible for upholding residence hall policies?

No, but they must abide by them and report inappropriate behavior to the Residential Life Staff.