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University Residences Support Center - Cary Quad (North)

What we offer:

  • Collaborative lounge with dry erase boards
  • ITAP supported computer lab with PCs
  • Study materials available for checkout

Our spaces:

Collaborative Space:

This is a comfortable space that provides an opportunity for students to work individually or in groups. A few components of the collaborative space include: dry erase board tables, wall-mounted dry erase boards, audiovisual (AV) monitor, and various study tables.

URSC Collaborative Space

Quiet Study Area:
The quiet study area is located next to the front desk. This area consists of a a few small tables and chairs. This space promotes individual study.

Quiet Study Space - Cary

Computer Lab:

This space consists of 7 monitors (all PC) and printer, supported by ITAP.
URSC Computer Lab


This space serves as a rest area. It consists of high chairs with tables, water fountain and microwave.
Kitchenette - Cary Quad