Residence Education Coordinators

About Our Work:

Residence Education Coordinators (RECs) are responsible for developing strong residential communities; forming relationships with individual students; coaching and supervising student staff; implementing area-specific residential curriculum plans, facilitating educational opportunities including student conduct meetings and student leadership experiences, communicating with parents and other stakeholders, and organizing opening and closing processes. Residence Education Coordinators create and promote a learning centered, nurturing residential community. Learn more about the position here.

Meet Our Team:

Timothy Williams
Timothy R. Williams

Bachelor’s degree in Communication, University of Arkansas (Go HOGS!) 
Master’s degree in College Student Personnel, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

I have a passion for student development. I really enjoy interacting with students and helping them become the best that they can be. I have experience in housing, disability services, and multicultural student life. My favorite part about Purdue is being one of the RECs for Cary Quad. Cary is the flagship residence hall of Purdue and there is so much history I have the opportunity to preserve and build upon.


Brian KocherBrian Dallas Kocher

Bachelor’s degree in Theatre, with a minor in Communication, Millikin University
Master’s degree in College Student Personnel, Western Illinois University

I am very passionate about social justice education and activism; students who genuinely want to make social and systematic change really motivate me. I challenge myself to stay engaged and educated on various social issues and identities so I can best support all students. I really enjoy having such a large cohort of peer-level professionals within University Residences. There are many people to bounce ideas off of and look to for advice; which definitely helps when you are adjusting to a new institution.


Tyler AveradoTyler Alvarado

Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology & Philosophy, Central Michigan University
Master’s Degree in Higher post-Secondary Education, Syracuse University

My favorite part about working at Purdue University is the people I get to work with. The student leaders are creative, motivating, and incredibly intelligent. My fellow professionals are diverse in prior experiences which enhances the contributions each of us brings to the table and allows us to better serve our students. From weekly chats to periodic lunches, I have been able to build relationships with other professionals as well as faculty.


Jessica FunkJessica Funk

Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Master’s Degree in Higher Education College Student Development, Oklahoma State University

One of my favorite parts about Purdue and our department is that I have the freedom to explore my career and my areas of passion on my own terms, as well as have the support and encouragement to do so. I am very passionate about students with disabilities and being able to be an advocate for students. One of my proudest moments in my career so far is being able to research, design, and create a disability awareness poster series for campus.


Richard OkelloRichard Okello

Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies, Youngstown State University
Master’s Degree in College Student Affairs, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

I am very passionate about the topics of social justice, authentic leadership, and college men and masculinities. In addition to Residential Life, I also have the pleasure of serving as a mentor for the Black Male Excellence Network (B-MEN), a board member for Leadership Lafayette. I am also a proud member of the Ohio Army National Guard and will be deployed for all of 2017.


Toni GordonToni Gordon

Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Sociology – Criminal Justice Focus, Hope College
Master’s Degree in Education, University of Pennsylvania

My favorite part about Purdue is that even though it is a very large institution, it doesn’t feel like I work at a massive institution. Purdue is large, but it feels so much like a family and people are willing to work with you in different ways. I have worked in many different departments, such as various multicultural departments and academic advising, and these gave me more lenses to see and help the students with. It makes me feel great about what I am doing for the students and what I am doing for the institution.

Richard SharpRichard Sharp 

Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and Business Administration, University of Missouri - Kansas City
Master's Degree in Higher Ed Administration - Student Affairs, University of Missouri - Kansas City 

My passions in higher education relate to student development and leadership. My favorite part about working at Purdue is the people. Residential Life has some of the most capable and passionate professionals that I have met in the higher education field. In addition to Residential Life, I am also involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters and the Slacklining Club in an advisory role and also serve on the Community Standards Board.  


Hannah JayneHannah B. Jayne

Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies with minors in Linguistics and Women & Gender Studies, University of Kansas
Master's Degree in Student Affairs in Higher Education Administration, Marquette University

My student affairs journey ignited a passion for violence prevention through advocacy for our most vulnerable students. It is my belief that working to serve students in crisis is why I'm on this planet! The most poignant moment I've experienced at Purdue happened while I was tabling for LGBTQ Rainbow Call Out. An alumnus spoke with me about his time at Purdue in the 1980's and how proud he was of the progress he'd seen on campus and in the residence halls to make Purdue inclusive of LGBTQ students; he offered me great advice and it was absolutely wonderful.   


Jonathan HowardJonathan Howard

Bachelor’s Degree in Politics, Hendrix College
Master’s Degree in Higher Education/Student Personnel, University of Mississippi

I enjoy working with students and empowering them to realize they are the authors of their life. I am driven to help students find their vocation in life and give them experiences to explore how they are developing life skills for the future. I was lucky that I found a job at an institution with students that really fit my skill set and outlook on life. In my free time, I grill out with my fellow coworkers and enjoy a lazy weekend.


Grant McCormackGrant K. McCormack

Bachelor’s Degree in Ecology, Evolution, Behavior (Art Minor), University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Master’s Degree in Student Development in Higher Education, University of Maine

My favorite part about working at Purdue is being at a University that has a focus on academic rigor. The students here will do all they can to work hard and achieve their wildest dreams, and the best part about it is their capability to change the world in ways we haven’t imagined. I am very passionate about being able to challenge and connect to motivated students. For fun, I enjoy playing video games and writing. I absolutely love ballroom dancing, freestyle dancing and listening to all sorts of music.  


Brittany WatsonBryttani Watson

Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and Latin American Studies, University of Arkansas
Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, University of Arkansas

My passions are women’s leadership, mentorship, mental wellness and my lovely RAs. A meaningful moment that I continually have at Purdue is when my daughter waves and say “hi” to the residents of the building. The joy she brings to others and they bring to her makes living on campus as a family incredibly fulfilling. My favorite part about working at Purdue are the students. I literally have worked with rocket scientists who have presented their Senior Design project to NASA. These incredible people challenge me every day to think differently and be more creative.

Marcia HatcherMarcia Hatcher

Bachelor’s Degree in Middle Childhood Education, Wright State University
Master’s Degree in Adult and Higher Education, Northern Illinois University

I am very passionate in building relationships with my students and providing support in their academics or personal concerns. I enjoy the ability to interact with many students from various cultural backgrounds and being able to learn their stories. The students here are always striving to be the best and at times are very hard on themselves. It gives me great joy to brighten their day with a laugh or encouraging words that they can and will do well in all of their future aspirations. 

Jared MorrisJared Morris

Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, University of Mississippi
Master’s Degree in Counselor Education, University of Mississippi

I’m very passionate about social justice and inclusion and authenticity.  My hope is that I can help students accept and celebrate who they are.  “Be who you needed when you were younger” is a quote that I try to live by.  Since being at Purdue, I have been honored to be the listening ear for students on their journey to self-acceptance.  I’m very proud of the social justice and inclusion series that I have created with my student staff and my Faculty Fellows.  One of my favorite parts about Purdue is the people that I get to call colleagues.  I get to work with a group of supportive, creative and inspiring individuals.

Joanna Rose-Gross
Joanna Rose-Gross

Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology with a minor in Spanish, SUNY Geneseo
Master’s Degree in College Student Personnel Administration from Illinois State University

I am passionate about developing cultural competencies and helping others, both students and staff, develop theirs. I believe social justice work should be present in every office, not just those that work specifically with diversity and inclusion initiatives.


Laura Trombley
Laura Trombley

Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education, Central Michigan University
Master’s Degree in College Student Affairs, Eastern Illinois University

I am passionate about reflection and growth, and bringing these themes into action to help people reflect on their identities and how they help us to write our life narratives. I’m especially interested in working with sexual violence prevention, education and advocacy, and promoting a culture of equity and wellness on campus for all.


Ashley McCray
Ashley McCray

Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish with a concentration in Hispanic Studies with a minor in business administration, University of Tennessee at Knoxville
Master’s Degree in Administration and Supervision with a concentration in Higher Education Administration, Tennessee State University

My interests lie heavily in international education. I have studied abroad twice and it changed my perspective of the world. I am also passionate about student engagement and involvement. I enjoy building trustworthy and accountable relationships with students where I am able to help develop interests and plug them in to campus.


Sarah Solberg
Sarah Solberg

Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Master’s Degree in Student Affairs and Higher Education, Indiana State University

I have a passion working with students to assist in creating the experience they want while on campus and taking as much as possible from the experience. Learning about students’ passions and then figuring out how to integrate those passions into their lives post-graduation ins one of my goals.