Students and Faculty Fellows using Teamwork to Accomplish a TaskTestimonials

This is what some of our Faculty Fellows are saying about their experience with the program.

“When I accepted the invitation to be a Faculty Fellow at Wiley some thirty years ago, I was uncertain if I possessed the skills necessary to meet the expectations set forth. I knew then - as I know now - that I liked being around students and the idea of being able to interact with them outside of the classroom was attractive. Throughout the years I have enjoyed floor dinners and the conversations I’ve had about sports, convocations, study habits, homes and families, academic integrity and just about anything else you can imagine. I have enjoyed presenting and participating in programs focusing on gender communication (a course I teach), social justice, study abroad, resume writing, interviewing and professional growth and development. Some of the friendships established years ago still continue. I am a better professor because of what I have learned from the residents I have been privileged to know, being a Faculty Fellow is an honor.”
Ralph Webb
Professor, Brian Lamb School of Communication

"I've really enjoyed my time with the women of Shreve 3E. We have some fun, and sometimes serious, conversations, over floor dinner. I've been able to share some of my favorite films with them during Movie Nights, and we went to hear Margot Lee Shetterly speak about her book, Hidden Figures, which was frankly one of the best talks ever to occur at Purdue. I love this opportunity to interact and bond with students outside of my classroom or office."
Jessica L. Sturm, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, French and Applied Linguistics

"Carol and I have truly enjoyed being FF (Faculty Fellows) for 33 (we think) years. Our children ate with our floors, lived in the residence halls, and graduated from Purdue. One daughter received her BS (2), MS, and PhD from Purdue. She also worked as an RA while at Purdue. Our grandchildren living with us also were raised eating and interacting with residence hall students. Currently they are freshmen and sophomores at Purdue. The association with students and feeling just a tiny bit responsible for their success has been a significant part of our Purdue life. We have been a part of marriages, child birth, and careers.  It has been a good time.
Go Boilers!"
Dr. Alan & Carol York
Professor Emeritus, Entomology

"The Faculty Fellow program has had a profound impact on my teaching. This program allows faculty to show themselves as normal people to students, but the program also enables faculty to learn about the modern concerns of students. I have been able to share dinner with many types of students, including those in ROTC and sports. By learning the important commitments that students have outside of the normal classroom, the experience has enabled me to better connect with such students that I see every semester in my courses. The ability to show various students that you understand their unique program-related stress factors serves as a significant means to connect with students, thereby increasing their motivation my class."
Michael J. Grant
Assistant Professor, School of Aeronautics and Astronautics