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University Residences April Reminders


The following is a message from Christa Pazera, director of Residential Life at Purdue:

A big Hello Boilermakers! Christa Pazera, director of Residential Life here with this month's video update. In this video, I will be highlighting information about: 

  • Move Out
  • Reminders for Vaccine Opportunities
  • Dining Seating Opportunities
  • If you have someone requesting you as a roommate, a new student needs to have current resident requested and application in by April 15.
  • Semester Wrap Up

Move Out 

Please reference the email you have received highlighting necessary move out steps. If you have not already, please review the details on our move out page here.  Key pieces of information are: 

  • Move out timeline and process.
  • Cleaning expectations.
  • Move-out assistance guidelines.

Vaccination Clinics

  • You have received notice about the vaccination clinics offered on campus. You may have already received your first dose of COVID-19 vaccine. Please continue to watch for updates.

Dining Seating Opportunities

  • The Dining team has worked to increase sit-down dining options in our dining courts – please watch for changes that we're working on to offer additional options for students to eat together while maintaining Protect Purdue expectations.

Important Information on New Student Roommate Requests 

  • Please note, Learning Community applications and all roommate requests need to be submitted by April 15. We will do our best to accommodate requests after that date, but for your best chances of getting your preferred roommate, you'll want to hit that date to get your requests in. Please reference the roommate request requirements here.

Semester Wrap Up

As this semester is wrapping up, hopefully your April 13 Reading Day plans will help you to finish up your spring courses successfully. We wish you good luck on your final projects, papers and tests. Whether you will be living with us this summer or returning in the fall, we are looking forward to you continuing your growth outside the classroom with us in University Residences.

For all the seniors who are graduating, we give our best to you as you take your next steps on your path toward the giant leaps that will launch you into your future as Boilermaker alumni.

Boiler Up and Hail Purdue!