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This is an important reminder for anyone planning to return to campus for in-person classes that all tasks on your myPurdue checklist MUST be completed before you will be permitted to move into residence halls, attend classes and/or participate in campus activities.

When logging into your myPurdue Portal, your status regarding being cleared to come to campus will be shown in one of two ways.  For those who have completed all tasks, your Action Required Checklist in myPurdue will display YOUR STAUS: YOU ARE CLEARED TO ACCESS CAMPUS as this image shows

If you have not yet completed one of the requirements, you will see a warning in red that states: YOUR STATUS: YOU ARE NOT  CLEARED TO ACCESS CAMPUS as shown in this imageIf all of the tasks are complete, this status may be a timing issue and could change within the next 1-2 business days.

If you recieved a reminder email with the subject line "Protect Purdue Update: You are not cleared to return to campus," our records currently indicate that you have not yet completed at least one of these requirements: 

  • Be tested for COVID-19 and have a negative test result on file or, if you recently tested positive, have documentation from the Protect Purdue Health Center that you have completed a 10-day isolation after the test (asymptomatic) or 10 days after symptom onset.
  • Complete the required Student Health & Safety training that’s preloaded into your Brightspace account.
  • Provide updated contact information, including a primary phone number and the address where you plan to live while attending classes for the Fall 2020 semester. This information will be used for contact tracing, which is designed to identify, communicate and contain possible COVID-19 exposure, if needed.
    • Log in to your myPurdue account and click on the Academic tab.
    • Look for the “Important Student Contact Information” and update your Student Primary Phone and Student Address while Enrolled.
      Special note: There are multiple areas to enter a phone number in myPurdue. It’s critical that you use the ‘Student Primary Phone’ link in the myPurdue checklist to enter this information.

You can monitor your status for these tasks beginning this afternoon through myPurdue. Note that it may take up to two business days after you submit your COVID-19 test sample to see that reflected in the checklist. The COVID-19 checklist item simply tracks whether or not the Protect Purdue Health Center has received your sample. Your test results will be sent to you by the Protect Purdue Health Center. All other items should update within an hour of you completing the action. You may have to log out of myPurdue and log back in to see the updates. Once all items are displayed as complete, your initial access to campus status will change to a “cleared to access campus” status.


Best regards,


Barb Frazee  
Assistant Vice Provost for Student Life  
University Residences  
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