Purdue Honors College: Did You Know?

Now in its second year as Purdue's first residential college, the Honors College has enrolled more than 1,000 students in its first two classes. Those students had on average a 3.95 high school GPA and 95th percentile high school class rank. Purdue had just 711 students in its various honors programs before establishing a centralized, residential Honors College in 2013. The growing program currently houses Honors students in Duhme Hall, Shreve Hall and Third Street Suites, but a new Honors College residence hall will open east of Windsor Halls in the fall of 2016. This hall will attract the best and brightest students to come to Purdue and stay on campus.

"From first-year students up to graduating seniors, the way it's trending is Honors students have double the recontracting rate of non-Honors students," said Catharine Patrone, director of Student Services for the Honors College.

The new Honors College residence hall will house 800 students. The facility will also have four multipurpose classrooms and offices for Honors College faculty and staff.

"It's the first ever joint University Residences and academic partner building. This is the first of its kind at the university," Patrone said.

Honors College Academic Profile

Purdue Day of Giving 2015

Second Annual Purdue Day of Giving in April

Purdue will hold its second ever Day of Giving on April 29, 2015. Last year's inaugural event raised $7.5 million from 6,500 donations, including gifts from 15 countries and all 50 states. The 24-hour online event is geared toward making a Purdue education affordable and accessible for current and future Boilermaker students. For more information about last year's event and updates for the upcoming edition, visit purduedayofgiving.com.

Complimentary Alumni Meal Tickets Available

The University Residences Guest and Alumni Center opened last fall in Cary Quadrangle and now serves as a hub for residence hall tours. When visiting campus, UR alumni (who graduated from Purdue and lived in a residence hall their senior year) can stop by for four complimentary meal tickets per year. Contact UniversityResidencesAlumniandGuestCenter@purdue.edu for more information.

Guest and Alumni Center Open for Springfest

UR alumni are encouraged to stop by the University Residences Guest and Alumni Center during Springfest. The center will be open during the April 18-19 event and serve as a gathering place for visitors and those who want to see their old residence hall while they are on campus.

Residence Hall Anniversaries


Cary East Hall - 85th Anniversary in 2013
Cary Northeast Hall 
- 85th Anniversary in 2016
Cary Northwest and West Halls
- 75th Anniversary in 2013
Cary South Hall
- 75th Anniversary in 2014

EARHART HALL  - 50th Anniversary in 2014

FIRST STREET TOWERS - 5th Anniversary in 2014

HARRISON HALL - 50th Anniversary in 2016

HAWKINS HALL (Renamed in 1981) - 35th Anniversary in 2016

HILLENBRAND HALL - 20th Anniversary in 2013

HILLTOP APARTMENTS - 75th Anniversary in 2015

MCCUTCHEON HALL - 50th Anniversary in 2013

MEREDITH HALL - 65th Anniversary in 2017

OWEN HALL - 60th Anniversary in 2017

SHREVE HALL - 45th Anniversary in 2015

TARKINGTON HALL - 55th Anniversary in 2013

WILEY HALL - 55th Anniversary in 2013


Duhme Hall (originally South Hall) - 80th Anniversary in 2014
Shealy Hall (North Hall)
- 80th Anniversary in 2016
- 75th Anniversary in 2014
Warren (D Hall) and Vawter (E Hall)
- 65th Anniversary in 2016

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