Get ReConnected - October 2022

Get ReConnected - A Dining and Culinary and University Residences Snapshot for Alumni and Friends

October 2022

Student Feature

Schnefke Shares University Residences Experience

Claire Schnefke, the president of the Residence Hall Association, shares her involvement with University Residences over the last three years. 

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Staff Feature

Winkeler Assists Students with Special Diets

One of the core values of Purdue Dining & Culinary’s mission is to create an inclusive dining experience that is accessible for students of all cultures and diets. Molly Winkeler, nutrition success manager and registered dietitian for Dining & Culinary, plays a critical role in ensuring students with dietary restrictions have access to healthy dining options. 

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Staff Feature

Faculty in Residence Engage Students in Residence Halls

For many students, relationships with faculty members are built primarily in academic settings. Attending office hours, asking questions during a lecture or staying after class for a conversation are some of the common ways students interact with faculty. In University Residences, however, faculty are engaging students where they live as part of the Amelia Earhart Faculty in Residence (FiR) program.

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