Housing Locations & Room Styles

Rooms Rates
Style Location(s) Double Single
Traditional Non-A/C  Cary Quadrangle (SE & SW), Meredith, Owen, Tarkington and Wiley


Traditional A/C Earhart, Harrison, Hawkins, Honors College and Residences, McCutcheon, Meredith South, Shreve and Windsor $35.00 $60.00
Suites A/C Cary Quadrangle (E, NE, NW, W), Frieda Parker Hall, Hillenbrand and Winifred Parker Hall. $35.00 $60.00
Apartments Hilltop Apartments $35.00 $60.00
Singles with Private Baths  First Street Towers (adults only), Hawkins N/A $65.00
All Quoted rates are per person/per night and are subject to applicable taxes (7% Sales Tax, 5% Lodging Tax)

Dining Rates

We offer a dining experience in our assigned residential dining courts on campus. Please see rates below:

Breakfast: $7.75 + tax
Lunch: $11.75 + tax
Dinner: $11.75 + tax

Additional Fees

Lost Key $50.00
Lost Conference Card $50.00
Projector / Screen Rental $50.00 per day
Podium / Microphone $50.00 per day
Easels / Chalkboard / Dry Eraser Board  $10.00 per day
Team Store (Utilizing a Premium Space, extra costs will incur) $25.00
Excessive Cleaning Charged by hourly rate
Damages Charge of Replacement or Repair
Kitchenette Kits (Available at Hilltop Only) $50.00 per Stay/Apartment

Final Guarantee Roster Charges

Groups that do not provide the roster to University Residences Conference Services by the established 10-day guarantee date, will be subject to the fee structure below. The charges will be assessed based on the last date University Residences Conference Services received changes. This charge will be applied to your final statement.

10 Day Roster Guarantee Charges
10 Days Before Arrival - Due Date $0.00
9 Days Before Arrival $50.00
8 Days Before Arrival $100.00
7 Days Before Arrival $150.00
6 Days Before Arrival $200.00
5 Days Before Arrival $250.00
4 Days Before Arrival $300.00
3 Days Before Arrival $350.00
2 Days Before Arrival $400.00
1 Day Before Arrival $450.00
Arrival Date $500.00

*These rates are for the 2023 summer conference season only and are subject to change at any point without notice or update of the website.