Housing Locations & Room Styles

Rooms Rates
Style Location(s) Double Single
Traditional Non-A/C  Cary Quadrangle (SE & SW), Meredith, Owen, Tarkington and Wiley


Traditional A/C Earhart, Harrison, Hawkins, Honors College and Residences, McCutcheon, Meredith South, Shreve and Windsor $35.00 $60.00
Suites A/C Cary Quadrangle (E, NE, NW, W), Frieda Parker Hall, Hillenbrand and Winifred Parker Hall. $35.00 $60.00
Apartments Hilltop Apartments $35.00 $60.00
Apartments Aspire (Studio Apartment) N/A $105.00
Singles with Private Baths  First Street Towers (adults only), Hawkins N/A $65.00
All Quoted rates are per person/per night and are subject to applicable taxes (7% Sales Tax, 5% Lodging Tax)

Dining Rates

We offer a dining experience in our assigned residential dining courts on campus. Please see rates below:

Breakfast: $7.75 + tax
Lunch: $11.75 + tax
Dinner: $11.75 + tax

Additional Fees

Lost Key $75.00
Lost Conference Card $50.00
Projector / Screen Rental $50.00 per day
Podium / Microphone $50.00 per day
Easels / Chalkboard / Dry Eraser Board  $10.00 per day
Excessive Cleaning Charged by hourly rate
Damages Charge of Replacement or Repair
Kitchenette Kits (Available at Hilltop Only) $50.00 per Stay/Apartment

Final Guarantee Roster Charges

Groups that do not provide the roster to University Residences Summer Residential & Dining Services by the established 10-day guarantee date, will be subject to the fee structure below. The charges will be assessed based on the last date University Residences Summer Residential & Dining Services received changes. This charge will be applied to your final statement.

10 Day Roster Guarantee Charges
10 Days Before Arrival - Due Date $0.00
9 Days Before Arrival $50.00
8 Days Before Arrival $100.00
7 Days Before Arrival $150.00
6 Days Before Arrival $200.00
5 Days Before Arrival $250.00
4 Days Before Arrival $300.00
3 Days Before Arrival $350.00
2 Days Before Arrival $400.00
1 Day Before Arrival $450.00
Arrival Date $500.00

*These rates are for the 2024 summer residential and dining program season only and are subject to change at any point without notice or update of the website.