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Travis Seward with Purdue Pete

Hello! My name is Travis Seward and I am currently a sophomore from Flora, Indiana, studying sales and marketing with a minor in crop science. This is my first year working as a University Residences conductor tour guide for the University Residences Alumni & Guest Center (URGC), and I was recently promoted to the team lead for the Residential Life Marketing Committee.  

One of the things I was most proud of this past semester was our “Boilers on the Street” social media series. This is where we went out on campus and asked random students questions, such as, “What is your favorite Dining Hall?” or “What is your favorite study spot” Because of this series, I had the opportunity to interview our past president, Mitch Daniels! A recent focus for us has been on our executives in residence (EiRs). EiRs are University Residences alumni who come back to campus, live in the residence halls for one week, and host events and programs for current residents. They hold special meetings such as “Coffee and Consulting,” allowing one-on-one time between our students and an executive.  I invite you to follow us on Instagram @reslifeatpurdue, to see more stories!

Outside of my job at University Residences, my two favorite extracurricular clubs at Purdue are the Sports Analytics Club and the Quidditch Club. During our meetings for the Sports Analytics Club, we watch sporting events and review the stats of the games. This provides me with a great way to have fun outside of my major, meet new people and build my network. I am also the president of the Quidditch Club, which is a real-life adaptation of the sport played in the Harry Potter series. It’s somewhat of a combination of dodgeball, flag football and rugby – but played on broomsticks!  Under my supervision, the club has become an official team that is recognized under US Quadball, doubled our membership and hosted a formal dance, the Yule Ball, which raised over $2,000 in profit. 

I’d love to have you visit the University Residences Alumni & Guest Center. Last fall, I had the opportunity to give a tour to a group of gentlemen from the Class of 1973. These gentlemen lived in Cary Quad Southeast. Being with them while they shared fond memories of their time in Cary helped me feel more connected to my grandfather, who was in the Class of 1963. He also lived in Cary Quad Southeast and shared some of the same memories. Our UR conductors and I would love to host any of our Purdue alumni on campus and welcome you back to University Residences. We look forward to meeting you and hearing all your fond memories of your time at Purdue University Residences! 

Written by: Travis Seward

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