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Renee Kashawlic (right) discusses a book with a student.

Renee Kashawlic (right) is the the new alumni relationships and special events director for University Residences and Purdue Dining & Culinary.

I am humbled to introduce myself as the new alumni relationships and special events director for University Residences and Purdue Dining & Culinary (UR and PD&C). I believe the core elements of my role will be telling the story of UR and PD&C, and encouraging others to reminisce upon their Purdue story. It is my aim to connect our past with our present to ensure the future of this exceptional team and unit.   

A quick note about me I am a storyteller in every fiber of my being. It is who I am. At 90 days into my then new job at Purdue, serving as an assistant director for Residential Life, it was natural for me to share my raw reflections via Facebook (I’m a borderline GenX-Millennial). I highlighted aspects of our unit that impressed me. Elements such as newer buildings, residential curriculum and our size were not what I focused upon. While all impressive, it was the people and seeing, even at my mid-level, the values that drove decisions – the values and heart that made University Residences not only tick but set the pace for Student Life. I was impressed and had to tell my world, again, as a storyteller.   

Fast forward just nine months, and we’re ‘open’ during a global pandemic – August 2020. Wow, a herculean feat! Yet, from the outside it was another year living on campus at Purdue. We ensured our students had a bed to sleep in, lights to study, meals to sustain them and our facilities were cleaned to the highest standards. Keys and packages were distributed, roommate conflicts were mediated and care was extended to those struggling. Just as importantly, we provided social and leadership opportunities – in person and virtually. For a woman not shy with words, I am often at a loss for adequate words to capture how significant an undertaking this was. Even greater were the depths of strength, virtue and heart of the team that made it happen.   

When the opportunity presented itself to transition to this new role of alumni relationships and special events director, ideas and possibility invigorated me. I would, now, be in a role to share stories from a team that awes me daily. I am a high-energy, passionate professional who could not be prouder to be a part of this team. It is both my hope and intention to connect with each of you and, with your permission, highlight points of impact to which your story contributed to our story. These are the stories that are the heart of UR and PD&C.  Together, I want us to tell our stories and inspire tomorrow’s student leaders. I look forward to learning from you and hope to be of service in ensuring Purdue remains a place you proudly call “home.”  

You can reach me at I look forward to hearing from you.   

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